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Bucharest University of Economic Studies

“KINGS TOURNAMENT - ROMGAZ”, Bucharest, Romania
(October 6th, 2013 - October 17th, 2013)



Schedule for

Kings Tournament

7th Edition


The players will stay in the Marshal Hotel in Bucharest. The playing venue is "Virgil Madgearu" Hall - The Bucharest University of Economic Studies. The official opening of the tournament will take place on 6 October 2013 at 19:30 hours at the playing venue. At the end of the opening ceremony the drawing of lots will take place.
The tournament is a double round-robin system, beginning from October 7th 2013.
The rounds are scheduled daily from 15.30 hours, except last round which will start at 13.30 hours local time.

October  6th   - 19.30 - Opening Ceremony and Drawing of Lots

October  7th   - 15.30 - Round 1

October  8th   - 15.30 - Round 2

October  9th   - 15.30 - Round 3

October  10th - 15.30 - Round 4

October  11th - 15.30 - Round 5

October  12th - 15.30 - Round 6

October  13th - 15.30 - Round 7

October  14th - 15.30 - Round 8

October  15th - 15.30 - Round 9

October  16th - 13.30 - Round 10

October  16th - 19.00 - Closing Ceremony


Kings Tournament

7th Edition


Rate of play

Time control: 120 minutes for the first forty moves, 60 minutes for the next twenty moves and then each player will be allotted 15 minutes after the second time control and an increment of 30 seconds per move.

Tournament rules

No draw agreement by the players are allowed before move 30.
Any such draw claim will be permitted only through the Chief Arbiter in the following cases:

  • a triple-repetition of the position,
  • a perpetual check,
  • in theoretically drawn position and

The final standing of the players will be determined according to points. In case of sharing of places - the following criteria will be decisive for the tie-break:

  • A greater number of wins.
  • The result of the direct mini-matches between contenders.
  • Berger.
  • A greater number of moves played.
  • A tie-break match will be played in case of a tie for the first place in the tournament between the first two players in the final standing (according to points, or the additional criteria). The match will consist of two games with a time-control of 15 minutes per player + 3 seconds added for every move played. In case of a tie, another match of two blitz-games will be played with a time-control of 5 minutes per player + 3 seconds for every move played. In case of another tied result – there will be played a last "sudden-death" decisive game with a time-control 5 minutes for the whole game for the White-player and 4 minutes for the whole game for Black-player. The White-player will only need a victory in this game to win the tournament; whole the Black-player will win the tournament by just not losing that final decisive game. 
  • In case the first place might be shared by more than two players – the final standing will be determined according to the criteria that have been mentioned above.

Photographs, cameras and TV broadcasting

Taking pictures in the tournament hall will only be permitted during the first 10 minutes after beginning of the game. 
TV broadcasting of the games can be done throughout the playing area.